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If you are looking for an expert photography experience with a warm and welcoming environment and professional staff, then Dixon Photography is the perfect fit for you!

Attention: Print Buyer/Marketing

Let me help make your job easy! Save Time and Money by allowing a professional handle your printing needs. Let Steve to do the work for you. All Printers are NOT created equal. Each print manufacturer has certain products they excel in printing. Steve will match your needs to the best equipped printer to produce each specific print project. Steve will ensure that you get the best possible price and the best quality print job available.  Over 25 years experience in the Printing Business.

Choosing Brokers over Manufacturers for Your Printing/Packaging Needs

The two main advantages are experience and versatility. A projects needs will change throughout its development. With this change, comes the possibility of 'outgrowing' your manufacturer. This is where the broker wins. They can find the best manufacturer for the needs of your project, even if it grows exponentially! Their lasting relationships with the manufacturers also mean that all of your projects will be completed efficiently and effectively.


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